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Undergraduate Advisement

AdvisementAdvisement & Mentoring for English Majors

The English Department is committed to providing English majors with the best possible academic and professional guidance as they complete their degrees and contemplate life beyond graduation. To that end, the Department offers a strong program of advisement and mentoring.

Your Registration Advisor

You must go to the Office of Student Development and Retention for advisement until you have completed 24 credits. After that, you will come to the English Department for advisement.

Wayne Berninger is the Registration Advisor for all undergraduate English majors. He will help you keep track of your progress toward graduation and can answer any questions you may have about requirements and registration. Please meet with Mr. Berninger each semester before you register for classes, even if you have another advisor elsewhere (e.g., if you are in Honors, or if English is your second major). When the time comes, he will help you make sure your Application for Graduation is in order. Mr. Berninger is also the contact person in the Department for evaluation of transfer credits.

Prepare for Advisement and Registration

  1. Registration begins in October for the spring semester and in March for the summer and fall. Consult the Academic Calendar for specific dates. In the weeks prior to Registration, check your online Advisement Sheet. What courses do you still need in order to fulfill specific requirements?
  2. Consult the online Course Schedule. Which courses that you need are being offered in the upcoming semester?
  3. Every semester, we post descriptions of the advanced English courses being offered in the upcoming semester to the English Department blog, The Longest Island. Click the "Course Descriptions Undergrad" tag. Studying these descriptions is your first step in planning a schedule for the upcoming semester.
  4. Sketch out a tentative schedule for yourself, based on what you still need and what is being offered. It's a good idea to have back-up courses in mind. Did you double-check to make sure you've met any prerequisites and that there are no scheduling conflicts? 
  5. As the Registration period approaches, Mr. Berninger will announce that it is time to schedule appointments to discuss your registration. To make an appointment, use the app at Here is a short video showing how to use the app.  
  6. Register for your courses. If for some reason you're unable to register yourself  online, Mr. Berninger can sign a registration card for you to take to Registrar. Once you've successfully registered, e-mail Mr. Berninger to let him know. Also notify him if you make any subsequent changes to your schedule.

Watch the English Department blog (The Longest Island) for announcements concerning the next advisement and registration period.

Your Academic Mentor

Every English major also has an Academic Mentor. This English Department faculty member will advise you about all aspects of your academic career other than registration. You can go to your Academic Mentor at any time for advice about a variety of academic matters, from choosing electives with an eye toward career preparation, to selecting a second major or an appropriate minor, to making a decision about graduate school and career goals. As always, you may seek advice on an informal basis from any member of the English Department faculty, but please meet with your assigned Academic Mentor at least once per semester to discuss your progress in the major and your plans for the future. Keep your Academic Mentor informed about how you are doing in your studies so that he or she can provide you with the best academic advice possible.

See the list of mentor assignments.