Taxation Courses

TAXX 716 Federal Income Tax Principles
A study of the determination of income, deductions and exemptions in computing taxable income and tax liability of individuals, including the general rules applicable to all tax entities. Ordinary income, capital assets, gains and losses, involuntary conversions and tax-free exchanges, depreciation methods, passive activities, portfolio income, and alternative minimum tax are all examined.

TAXX 724 Partnerships, Corporations and Limited Liability Entities
An advanced course in the provisions governing the taxation of partnerships, corporations, limited liability entities and their partners/shareholders. Tax compliance and tax reporting for such pass-through entities are covered. The tax advantages, the opportunities inherent in the choice of such entities, and the detriments and traps for the unwary are reviewed. (45 CPE credits)

TAXX 730 Corporate Reorganizations
A study of reorganizations, recapitalizations, stock redemptions, acquisition and disposal of assets, mergers, divisive reorganizations, and corporate liquidations. (45 CPE credits)

TAXX 745 International Taxation
A study of U.S. corporations doing business in foreign countries; U.S. taxation of foreign income and foreign tax credits; allocation of income among related entities; and tax treaties. (45 CPE credits)

TAXX 760 Tax Practice and Procedure
A review of the organization of the Internal Revenue Service. Selection of returns for audit, protests and conference rights, tax fraud, statute of limitations, and claims for refund are studied. In addition, research techniques such as the use of tax services, court decisions and rulings are emphasized. (45 CPE credits)

TAXX 722 Corporate Taxation
A study of the following: choice of entity for conducting business; taxation of corporations, partnerships, and S corporations; tax accounting methods and taxable years; tax credits; alternative minimum tax, and reconciliation of book and taxable income; and corporate redemptions and liquidations. An overview of corporate reorganizations is included. Three credits. (45 CPE credits)

TAXX 729 State and Local Taxation
An analysis of state and local taxes affecting individuals and businesses in the tristate area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). Included is a study of issues involving residency and non-residency, domicile, and sources of income taxed in each jurisdiction. New York State income, sales and general business taxes, rent taxes, and franchise taxes are covered. (45 CPE credits)

TAXX 735 Fiduciary Income Tax
This course will facilitate the complexity of preparing fiduciary income tax returns and will provide practical step-by-step guidance on the basics of Form 1041 preparation as well as more complex issues such as determining fiduciary accounting income and distributable net income (DNI), computing the distribution deduction, allocating capital gains and depreciation, calculating the net investment income tax, reporting income in respect of a decedent, and filing form 1041 in the estate or trust’s final year

TAXX 746 Advanced International Taxation
The international aspects of the US tax system as it relates to cross border transactions including the governmental regulatory process. Topics covered include anti-deferral provisions, transfer pricing, tax treaties, cross boarder reorganizations, international tax practice and procedure, state taxation of international transactions, and IRS forms used in international taxation.

TAXX 780 Fundamentals of Qualified Employee Benefit Plans
An introduction to employee benefit plans that covers the analysis of types of plans that can be established by the employer; reviews tax rules involving participation, vesting, deduction limitations, benefit limitations and other requirements for plan qualification; and considers group insurance, flexible benefit plans, IRAs and simplified employee pensions (SEPs). (45 CPE credits)

TAXX 787 Employee Benefit Programs
This course covers: non-qualified deferred compensation arrangements; life insurance, medical and dental plans, prepaid legal plans, stock options, thrift plans, stock purchase plans, ESOPs, 401k plans, cafeteria plans, VEBAs, Educational Benefit Trusts and other employee fringe-benefit programs. (45 CPE credits)


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