Accounting Courses

ACCX 712 Accounting Information Systems
An examination of accounting systems from the point of view of their objectives: effective internal control and integration with the total information system. Includes a review of computer-based information systems and their applications to new or revised systems of accounting. (45 CPE credits)

ACCX 737 Advanced Cost/Managerial Accounting
Selected cases and problems provide the forum for the discussion of current cost concepts and their applications and limitations. The aim is to develop students¿ ability to analyze business problems and to make decisions concerning the appropriateness of cost-accounting methods in specific situations. (45 CPE credits)

ACCX 754 Fraud Examination
The nature of fraud, elements of fraud, fraud prevention, fraud detection, fraud investigation, design and use of controls to prevent fraud, and methods of fraud resolution are examined in this course. The role of fraud examination to perform a variety of antifraud and forensic accounting engagements including, but not limited to investigating suspected fraud, investigating assertions of fraud, developing fraud loss estimates and performing acquisition due diligence are also considered. (45 CPE credits).

ACCX 765 Accounting and Reporting I
A review and exploration of the concepts and developments relating to financial accounting and reporting for business enterprises. SFAS''s and other recent pronouncements are analyzed in depth; problem-solving is stressed. (45 CPE credits)

ACCX 770 International Accounting
Insight into the international accounting environment from the viewpoint of the U.S.-based multinational organization.(45 CPE credits)

ACCX 720 Not-for-Profit/Governmental Accounting
A study of budgetary and fund accounting systems; preparation of significant reports for nonprofit organizations; and case studies and problem materials to use in governmental entities such as municipalities or school districts. (45 CPE credits)

ACCX 741 Budgeting and Controllership
An examination of the practice of controllership in general and of dealing with budgets and business costs in particular. The installation and operation of budget systems for managerial control is considered as is the advance planning of operating goals with subsequent study of actual results. (45 CPE credits)

ACCX 742 Financial Statement Analysis
An analysis of financial trends and corporate reports for solvency, quality of earnings and forecasting implications. Analytical techniques for financial analysis and their use in development of capital markets and instruments are reviewed and discussed, as are the principles and practices of the Securities and Exchange Commission. (45 CPE credits)

ACCX 752 Advanced Auditing
A study of auditing concepts and methods embodying standard auditing procedures as well as departures. Audit evidence, sampling, diagnostic analysis, internal control evaluation and its effect on test of transactions, and problems encountered in statement preparation are reviewed and discussed. (45 CPE credits)

ACCX 766 Accounting and Reporting II
An in-depth study of advanced subject matter, including recent professional qualifying examinations. Topical material focuses on income taxes, not-for-profit accounting, managerial accounting and cost concepts. Individual research is encouraged. (45 CPE credits)


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