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Resources in Library

I. Books:

Angelo, Thomas A. and Cross, K. Patricia.
Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers. 2nd Edition.

Banta, Trudy W. , et al.
Assessment in Practice Putting Principles to Work on College Campuses.

Bean, John C.
Engaging Ideas: The Professor's Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and
Active Learning in the Classroom

Framework for Outcomes Assessment. (2 Copies)

Cross, K. Patricia and Steadman, Mimi Harris.
Classroom Research Implementing the Scholarship of Teaching

Diamond, Robert M.
Designing & Assessing Courses & Curricula: A Practical Guide. Revised Edition

Huba, Mary E. and Freed, Jann E.
Learner-Centered Assessment on College Campuses: Shifting the focus from Teaching
to Learning.

Haynes, Gale, Di Maio, Alfred, and Waldron, Kathy.
Long Island University Brooklyn Campus Strategic Plan 2001-2006.

Hernon, Robert, Robert Dugan, and Candy Schwartz, eds.
Revisiting Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education. Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited, 2006.

Long Island University.
Outcomes Assessment: A Bridge to Better Learning (Brochure, with memo dated March
6, 2003)

II. Material in Envelopes or Binders:

  1. Overall


Center for Postsecondary Research, Indiana University Bloomington. School of Education.
NSSE. National Survey of Student Engagement. 2004 Annual Results.

Materials for Review in Preparation for Middle States.
Long Island University Brooklyn Campus Report of the Outcomes Assessment
Committee Core Document Spring, 1998.


Individual Departments and Schools

Art Department
Art Department Assessment Plan, May 2001 (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts).
4 pages.

Chemistry Department Materials
Graduate Survey / Long Island University / Brooklyn Campus / Division of Science and
Mathematics. (Survey form).
Evaluation of BS in Biochemistry. (excerpt from document submitted to NYS) 5 pages.
2000 Five-Year Report to ACS Committee on Professional Training. 10 pages.

Community Health (Department of) Materials
Academic Outcomes Assessment: Department of Community Health. 9 pages, n.d.

Dance Department
Academic Outcomes Assessment: Dance Department (BFA and BS in DANCE).
17 pages.

English Department Materials

English Outcome Assessment Report May 2000. 56 pages.
Brooklyn Campus Full-Time Faculty Data for Academic Years 1991-92 through
1996-97: English. 1 page.

History Department Materials
Academic Outcomes Assessment: Department of History. 6 pages. (Dated 5/1/01).

Journalism Department Materials

Department Goals and Objectives for the Journalism Major. Prepared by Donald
Allport Bird. 13 pages. (Draft dated 3/01).

Library Materials
Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. Approved by the
Board of Directors of ACRL 1/19/2000. 14 pages.
Standards for College Libraries: The Final Version, Approved January 2000. 7
New Trends in Library Standards, Assessment and Accreditation. The American
Library Association, June 2000. 1 page.
Library Renovation Program. 2/23/2001. 2 pages.
Academic Computing and Computer Users Committee, Long Island University –
Brooklyn Campus. Library Information Technology Plan 2000+ / Part I / Library
Technology: A Three-Year Plan. 3/14/2000. 28 pages.
Library Resources and Usage Committee of the Brooklyn Campus Faculty Senate. Re-
port on the Brooklyn Campus Library of Long Island University. 12/11/2000.
32 pages.
Outcomes Assessment Report. Long Island University Brooklyn Campus Library. March,
2003. 211 pages.

MBA Program(s) Materials
Kolb, Bonita M. Competitive Analysis of MBA Programs in the Brooklyn and
Westchester Areas. December 2000. 38 pages.

Media Arts Department Materials
Master of Arts in Media Arts: Summer Intensive Semesters. Descriptive pamphlet,
Summer Semesters I and II, 2001.
Axis: Newsletter of the Media Arts Department. Vol 5, No 1 (Spring 2001). 12 pages.
Brooklyn Campus Full-Time Faculty Data for Academic Years 1991-92 through
1996-97: Media Arts. 1 page.
Academic Outcomes Assessment: Media Arts Department. Draft #2, dated 7/16/97. 6

Music Department Materials
Outcome Assessment Report: Music Department. Draft #2, dated 3/5/01. 4 pages.


Office of Student Financial Services Materials
Middle States Planning Committee – Outcomes Assesment: Moving Forward in 2001-2002. Submitted by Rose Ianicelli, dated 10/01. 3 pages.

Pharmacy (Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) Materials
Research and Scholarship / Faculty of the / Arnold & Marie Schwartz College…
(Spiral-bound bibliography, unpaginated). January 2000.

American Council on Pharmaceutical Education. Accreditation Manual. 9th ed. October
2000. (pages 43 – 105)

Philosophy Department Materials
Philosophy Department: Outcome Assessment. n.d., 7 pages.

Physical Therapy Division Materials
“Example of OA Plan for Physical Therapy” 2 pages. n.d.
Report of the On-Site Evaluation Team of Long Island University Division of Physical
Therapy. American Physical Therapy Association, Commission on Accreditation in
Physical Therapy Education. 29 pages. 12/7-10/1997.

“Excerpts from: Self-Study Report 1997.” Submitted to: Commission on Accreditation in
Physical Therapy Education of the American Physical Therapy Association.
Excerpts from: Biennial Accreditation Report (BAR) Physical Therapist Education
Programs, 1998 and 2000. [2 items] [Submitted to: CAPTE of the APTA]
Excerpts from: Response to Request for Clarification of Biennial Accreditation Report
(BAR) Physical Therapist Education Programs 2000.

Physician Assistant Program
Accreditation Report Self-Study 1998. Submitted to: Accreditation Review Committee
on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA); Commission on Accreditation of
Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). [v.p., in binder]

Physics Department Materials
Physics Department Assessment. 3 pages. (7 copies).

Political Science Department Materials
Drafting the Political Science Department’s Outcomes Assessment Plan. Memo to
Political Science Faculty from Al Di Maio, n.d.. 3 pages.

Psychology Department Materials
Doctoral Programs: Self-Study Report for 2000. (Ph.D. Clinical Psychology.) 40 pages
+ Tables. 2000.

Psychology Department / Richard Connolly College / Brooklyn Center / Long Island

University. Outcomes Assessment Final Report. (B.A. Psychology.) 10 pages.
American Psychological Association. Letter dated May 14, 2001, announcing the
accreditation of the doctoral program in clinical psychology. 3 pages.

School of Business, Public Administration, and Information Sciences Materials
Computer Science Department: Implementation Plan for Outcomes Assessment [14
pages], n.d.

Department of Managerial Sciences: Outcome Assessment. Gürsoy, Kemal and Kuan
Pin Chiang. 7 pages. Fall 2002.

School of Education Materials
Outcomes Assessment: Department of Teaching and Learning. Prepared by S. Zinar, 7
Department of Human Development and Leadership Outcomes Assessment Plan. 7
Assessment Plan for Teacher Preparation Programs. (Excepts, 1993) 11 pages.
The Center for Urban Educators (CUE) Graduate Fellowships. Descriptive pamphlet and
application form.
Prospero. (Newsletter of the BC School of Education.) Vol 5, No 1 (Spring 2001) 4 pages.
The School of Education: The Road Travelled. 4-page outline of challenges and
accomplishments since summer, 2000, by the School of Education.
LIU/Brooklyn Urban Educators and Their Preparation: KEEPS. December 3, 2001
update. 6 pages.
Brief Overview of the Teacher Education Accreditation Council. Pages 1-14 of
“Prospectus for a New System for the Accreditation of Programs in Teacher Education.”
TEAC, n.d.

School of Health Professions / Division of Respiratory Care
Self-Study Document for Re-Accreditation Submitted February 1998. [v.p., in binder].

School of Nursing Materials
Nursing OA. Pages 114 – 130 of untitled document, includes “Blueprint for Systematic
Evaluation Process / Academic Year 1990-1991.”
Please Talk To Us …A Survey of Alumni. 1990. Eight page questionnaire.
…A Survey for Administrators and Staff Educators in Nursing
Service. 1992. Five page questionnaire. (2 copies)
Student Personal Evaluation Survey. Survey instrument, 3/17/94.
1994 Advisement Office Response. 2-page survey results.
Student Evaluation of Course. 2-page survey instrument, lab-based.
Student Evaluation of Course. 2-page survey instrument, agency-based.
Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal, Form B. 8-page test booklet. 1980.
Survey of Curriculum by Graduating Seniors. Nursing Faculty. 12-page survey
instrument. 2/16/96.
Long Island University School of Nursing. Student Handbook. 37 pages. August 1996
Excerpts from: Self-Study Report for Accreditation of Master of Science Programs
February, 2000. Standard IV. Program Effectiveness. [v.p., in binder “School of Nursing
Outcome Assessment/Accreditation Reports”]

Social Work Program Materials
Self Study: Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Long Island University – Brooklyn
Campus. Volume I. August 1999. 181 pages. [Kept in folder #1 of “Social Work.”]
Response to Report of Site Visit, February 2001. Long Island University, Brooklyn
Campus, Social Work Program. March, 2001. v. p.
Self Study: Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Long Island University – Brooklyn
Campus. Volume II. August 1999. v.p. [Kept in folder #2 of “Social Work.”]
Nieves, Evelyn. Baccalaureate Social Work Program: Field Education Manual. Revised
March, 2001. 29 pages + appendices. [Kept in folder #3 of “Social Work.”]
Gritzer, Glenn. Student Handbook, Long Island University Social Work Program.
1999. 19 pages + appendices. [Kept in folder #3 of “Social Work.”]
Undergraduate Bulletin 1998-2000. Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University. 196
pages. [Kept in folder #3 of “Social Work.”]
[A variety of evaluation forms and policy memos are clipped together and kept in folder #3
of “Social Work.”]

Student Services Departments Materials
Outcomes Assessment Workshop for Student Services, 7/31/2001. Memo and outline. 10
Student Services Outcomes Assessment Matrix. 7 pages.