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Michalakis Savva

Professor of Pharmaceutics

Ph.D., School of Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh


Cationic Surfactants/Lipids, non-Viral Gene therapy


  • Author, “PVP a Pretender Molecule,” published in “Proceedings at the International Symposium of Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials”
  • Author, “A Genetically Modified Recombinant tumor Necrosis Factor-A conjugated to the distal Terminals of Liposomal Surface Grafted Polythyleneglycol Chains,” published in the International Journal of Pharmaceuticals
  • Author, “Synthesis, In Vitro Transfection Activity and Physicochemical Characterization of Novel N,N/-diacyl-1,2-diaminopropyl-3-carbamonyl(dimethylaminoethane) Amphiphilic Derivatives,” published in “Chemistry and Physics of Lipids”
  • Author, “Correlation of the Physicochemical Properties of Symmetric 1,3-dialkoylamidopropane-based Cationic Lipids Containing Single Primary and Tertiary Amine Polar Head Groups with In Vitro Transfection Activity,” published in “Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces”


  • Recipient, Newton Award for Teaching Excellence