Online Writing Assessment

Testing CenterBefore school begins, first-year and transfer students who are referred to take the English Placement may opt to take the Long Island University Online Writing Assessment. You have been invited to take the Online Writing Assessment because your current SAT/ACT scores are either missing or do not allow us to place you into the appropriate English class. You may also take the test if you placed into English 14 but wish to challenge the placement. With this web based test, you will have a couple of days to read articles, compose, and submit a convincing essay on a particular topic. The writing assignment is based on reading materials that are posted on the Web one day before the writing prompt is released.

This online assignment will give you more time to read and think about the topic while having the opportunity to revise, edit, and compose the essay in a more comfortable environment at any off-site location using any word-processing software.

If you prefer to take the paper and pen placement on campus please call LIU Promise (718-488-1039) or The Testing Center Office (718-488-1392) for our next exam date.

The LIU English Placement is not an admissions or financial aid exam. It will determine your first English writing composition course.

The process, in brief

If you are invited to take the English Placement or the Challenge, you have two options: the online writing assessment from home or a paper and pen test on campus. If you decide to take the online writing assessment, you must pre-register for the test by sending an email to: - see exam dates/information needed in your email on the 'schedule' page. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a confirmation email with your login and password information. You must login into the site to officially register for the test. The next day, after the registration deadline, the readings will be posted for downloading and printing. The writing prompt will be posted one day after the readings, and at that point, you may start writing your essay, which is due by 9:00 a.m. the following day. Please see a detailed schedule below.

All essays will be evaluated by professors in the English Department. Results will be available about five days after your essay has been submitted. With your results, you are ready to attend Orientation. At this point, please register for Orientation if you haven’t done so or contact you academic advisor if you took the OWA to challenge your original placement.

Non-native, English speakers

If your primary language is not English and you decide to take the Online Writing Assessment, you should follow the same procedure. When you register for the test, you will be asked if English is your first language, and if not, whether you speak and write English as fluently as you speak and write your first language. All essays that show signs of second-language difficulties will be reviewed by ESL instructors, who may direct students to an English writing class that emphasizes components needed to improve reading and writing skills for non-native English speakers.