Placement and Exemption Examinations

The Testing Center offers a variety of placement and exemption examinations to help you attain your educational goals.

Foreign Language Placement

Some majors require that students demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language by successfully completing coursework. Registration into these courses will depend on the Foreign Language Placement Examination in French, Spanish, or Italian.

Mathematics 10 Exemption

Students who have placed into Mathematics 10 on the Placement Examination and who have not yet taken Mathematics 10 may take a Mathematics 10 Exemption Examination. There is no exemption from Mathematics 15 or 16.

English 14 Exemption

Students who have taken English 13 or English 13X may be referred to the Testing Center by their English professor to take an English 14 Exemption Examination at the close of the semester.

Passing an exemption examination will NOT earn you course credit. It will, however, mean that you have fulfilled an important requirement toward your degree.

Exemption examinations are given by the Testing Center by appointment only.