Who Is Eligible

Freshman Student /"First Time" College Student

In order to be eligible for benefits under the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program, a student must:

  • Meet both the educational and economic guidelines established by the New York State Education Department
  • Be a New York State Resident for at least 12 months prior to enrollment
  • Be a graduate of a high school approved and accredited by the New York State Education Department, or have New York State Equivalency Diploma, or possess an Armed Forces Equivalency Diploma
  • All Applicants must complete a FAFSA and TAP Application
  • Have potential for post-secondary program

All Economic eligibility criteria apply to the prior year. 

Economic guidelines are set up according to the number of members in the household.

Economic Eligibility Chart for Students First Entering College on or After July 1st of each year.

Number of members in household (including head of household) Total annual income Two Years prior current calendar year
1 $ 22,311
2 $ 30,044
3 $ 37,777
4 $ 45,510
5 $ 53,243
6 $ 60,976
7 $ 68,709
8 $76,442 plus *
   *In Excess of 8 family members add $7,733 for each member

Arthur O. Eve HEOP grants are renewable each year depending on continued announcements of award from the State Education Department. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress, remain in a full-time regular degree seeking classifications, and demonstrate progress toward a degree.

Transfer Students:

In order to be eligible for benefits under the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program, a transfer student must:
be a qualified transfer student from other Arthur O. Eve H.E.O.P Programs, College Discovery, S.E.E.K. or E.O.P Opportunity Programs

Transfer students -required to submit certification of Transfer Student Eligibility.

This certification of Transfer Student Eligibility is to be completed by the Opportunity Director at the student’s current institution; and must be submitted to intended University student will be transferring to.

Transfer Student applicant click here to download required Certification of Transfer Student Eligibility Form.