Benefits of Arthur O. Eve HEOP

Arthur O. Eve HEOP students come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, from homes with modest incomes and most are the first members of their families to graduate college. The Arthur O. Eve HEOP Program serves students who thought they could never afford or be admitted to college.

Many Arthur O. Eve HEOP graduates have entered careers in Medicine, Law, Business, Communications, Social Work, etc. The accomplishments of our students are clear. The Arthur O. Eve HEOP programs aims to help students succeed through education, to make contributions to their communities and society at large.

  • Educational Supportive Services include:
    • A mandatory Summer Program to prepare students for academic success
    • Academic workshops in English, mathematics and sciences
    • Winter Recess Workshops
    • Spring Recess Academic Resort 
    • One-to-one Tutoring for most subjects
    • College skills workshops: Critical Thinking, critical reading, financial literacy, time-management, and many more
    • Access  to a dedicated Computer Lab Multimedia Center 
  • Counseling Services:
    • Academic, Career, Financial aid, Financial Literacy, Personal and Peer Counselors 
  • Supplemental Financial Assistance:
    • Five years of State Financial Aid and six years of federal financial aid for eligible students
    • Arthur O. Eve HEOP students receive a financial aid package, which typically consists of TAP and PELL grants, HEOP aid, and campus-based aid, which may include SEOG grants, Perkins loans, College Work-Study Program (CWSP), and L.I.U grant and educational loans (Guaranteed Student Loans). Books are provided for students in the program at no cost. Summer savings are considered a resource in determining financial aid. HEOP students have five years OR ten terms of HEOP eligibility.
    • Supplemental financial assistance: Grants for tuition, textbooks and stipend
    • Graduate Opportunity Program Tuition Scholarship at participating SUNY campuses and programs

Contact: Enid Hernandez - 718-488-1043 or