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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Criminal Justice StudentThe College of Liberal Arts and Sciences fosters the expansion of knowledge, the excitement of creative thinking and the delight of intense intellectual exchange between students and faculty members.

We offer the B.A in Psychology, B.S. in Health Care Administration, MPA in Health Care Administration, B.A. in Criminal Justice and Fast-Track M.S. in Criminal Justice.

Classes are small and highly personalized. Students experience academics in a broad range of subject areas, explore multiple analytical strategies, learn to present ideas clearly and persuasively, and graduate with a degree that enhances their position in the professional world.

B.A. in Psychology

Psychology StudentsAs a student in the Department of Psychology, you will undertake a survey of current knowledge and viewpoints about the science of behavior and cognitive processes. You will learn the research methods by which such knowledge is obtained, and be given the opportunity to study basic psychological processes, their development, the nature of behavioral aberrations, their treatment, and selected applications of this knowledge. - Learn more.

B.S. in Health Care Administration

Happy Healthcare workersThe Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Administration is designed to prepare students for a career in the organization and management of health services. Upon completion of the degree program, graduates will be prepared to assume entry and mid-level positions in health care administration. Throughout the course of study, students will acquire a keen understanding of the political, social and economic components of the health services sector through courses that range from statistics to financial management. Special emphasis will be placed upon developing the students’ ability to identify, comprehend, describe and differentiate among the major components of the health services system. - Learn more.


M.P.A in Health Care Administration

Happy Healthcare workersThe Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) degree in Health Care Administration provides the comprehensive curriculum needed to succeed in a highly complex, competitive and ever-changing health care environment. - Learn more.

B.A. in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice students in classroomThe Criminal Justice major is designed to take the student through the sequence of events in the criminal justice system, including entry into the system, prosecution and pretrial services, adjudication, sentencing and sanctions, and corrections. - Learn more.

M.S. in Criminal Justice (Fast Track)

Criminal Justice ProfessionalThe 36-credit Master of Science in Criminal Justice is designed to provide the skills and understanding necessary to address the emerging public interest problems of the 21st Century. - Learn more.