FAQs and Forms

FAQs and Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Graduate Admissions Preparedness Program* (GAPP)?
GAPP permits alumni who have graduated within the last five years the ability to take prerequisite courses that are necessary to enroll in an LIU graduate course. Alumni can take a maximum of 12 credits for a fee of $500 a semester. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee.

Please note: GAPP is for undergraduate courses only. Professional, clinical and/or courses towards a degree are not eligible as part of the GAPP program.

*Program only at the Brooklyn campus

What is the Lifetime of Learning program?
Lifetime of Learning allows alumni to audit courses for pleasure and enrichment without earned credits. For a fee of $100 per course, and with permission of the professor, you may take up to two courses.

Please Note: Alumni who have earned an undergraduate degree from LIU can ONLY enroll in undergraduate courses. Alumni with a graduate degree from LIU can enroll in undergraduate or graduate courses with the professor's permission. Alumni in this program will not be permitted to enroll in undergraduate classes with less than twelve tuition-paying students nor graduate classes with less than ten tuition-paying students

For a list of courses NOT AVAILABLE to alumni in the Lifetime of Learning program, please check with the below offices:

Brooklyn: 718-488-1037, or send an email to: brooklyn-enrollmentservices@liu.edu
Post: 516-299-2263, or send an email to: PostAlumni@liu.edu

How do I get a replacement diploma?
1. Download a copy of the Diploma Replacement form (Brooklyn or Post) and follow the instructions.

2. You must have this form notarized and attached with a $35.00 replacement fee. You may pay by check or money order (payable to Long Island University), or credit card (MC, Visa, or Discover). Please send the form and fee by U.S. mail to the attention of: Diploma Facilitator, Office of the Registrar.

3. Please indicate whether you wish your new diploma to be mailed or if you prefer to pick it up. If you elect to have your diploma mailed, it will be sent by Certified U.S. Mail, so please be sure to supply an address at which someone will be available to sign for the delivery of your package during the day.

Please Note:

  • The diploma will bear the date of the original, but it will be signed by the administrators that are now in office.
  • It will bear the name under which your degree was issued unless appropriate documentation is submitted for a name change.
  • The diploma will be issued in the current form, which might be different from your original diploma.
  • Diploma processing usually takes 2 weeks from the time your form is received.
  • If your original diploma has been damaged, we ask that you return it to the Records Office where it will be destroyed

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar:

Brooklyn: 718-488-1037
Post: 516-299-2756

Where do I get my alumni ID?

Please fill out the Annual Alumni Membership Request Form and follow the instructions. ID processing usually takes up to 7 days from the time your form is received. You will be notified when to pick up your ID on campus.


Please Note: When you pick up your ID on campus, you will be asked to take a photo for your ID at that time. Alumni ID cards are a part of the Annual Alumni Membership that has a fee of $10.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement:

Brooklyn: 718-780-6562
Post: 516-299-2263

Do alumni have access to the library?
Yes! Alumni have free in-person access to university libraries and computer labs!

As a center of intellectual life for both LIU Brooklyn and LIU Post, the library offers students, alumni and faculty a welcoming environment for scholarship, utilizing advances in information technology and services appropriate to the University's programs. The University’s libraries share over 90,000 online journals, more than 200 online databases, and 120,000 electronic books. Libraries on both campuses are equipped with computers and wireless internet access, along with a quiet study areas and a copy center.

Please note: Access to library databases are available via LIU Brooklyn and LIU Post computers only. Please present your Alumni ID card at the Library Desk.

Can I sign up to use the Health Clubs?
Yes! Alumni can use the WRAC at LIU Brooklyn and the Pratt Recreation Center at LIU Post at a discounted rate. Please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement for more information and to sign up.

Metcalfe Building, Room M101
718-780-6562 or BklnAlumni@liu.edu

Alumni House
516-299-2263 or PostAlumni@liu.edu

How can I obtain a copy of my transcript?
To obtain a copy of your transcript it will cost $15.00 plus additional fees depending on the option you choose. The following options are available to obtain a transcript:

Please Note: Anyone who wishes to receive a copy of their transcript must be in good financial standing. Post Only: If you wish to release your transcripts to a third party for pick up, you must provide signature authorization for that request.

Option 1 – Online
Order transcripts online (Credentials, Inc.) through TranscriptsPlus. You can submit a transcript request 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. To use the system, click here. Be assured that TranscriptsPlus uses current web encryption technology and your information is secure.

Option 2 – Customer Service Telephone Requests
By calling the toll free Customer Service number at 1-800-646-1858, you can request a transcript over the phone. An additional $10 processing fee will be added to your order. ($17 total per transcript order)

Option 3 – In-Person
You may come to your campus Enrollment Services Office, show picture ID, and official transcripts can be printed for you on the spot.

Option 4 – By Mail (Brooklyn Only)
If ordering through the mail, you can print and send a Transcript Request Form OR you can send a detailed letter including the following:

  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Other names under which you may have attended
  • Dates of attendance
  • Major
  • Graduation date and degree, if any
  • Address where you would like the transcript sent
  • Telephone number where you may be reached day or evening
  • Email address

Enclose a check or money order for $15.00 per transcript payable to Long Island University and send it to:

LIU Brooklyn
Enrollment Services Office, S310
1 University Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5372

Do alumni receive discounts at the Tilles Center and Kumble Theater?
Our Alumni receive a 10% discount at the Tilles Center at LIU Post and discounted tickets at the student price at Kumble Theater at LIU Brooklyn. Make sure you show your Alumni ID card when you purchase your tickets.

Do Alumni receive discounts at the Barclays Center?
Yes! Discounted tickets to shows and sporting events at Barclays Center, including the Brooklyn Nets. Click here for more information.

Can I rent space on the university property for private events?
LIU Brooklyn and LIU Post are proud to offer flexible space to our neighbors. Facilities include meeting rooms, classrooms, screening rooms, theaters and other public spaces. We offer competitively priced rates for non-profit, private and corporate organizations. Proof of insurance is required.

For more information:

718-488-1079 or fill out a Space Request Form

516-299-2781 or fill out a Space Request Form

How can I get involved?

Can I get an Alumni e-mail?

Yes! All LIU Alumni are eligible for a lifetime email address (@alumni.liu.edu) and Microsoft 365 services as part of the Annual Alumni Membership for a $10 fee.

Please fill out the Annual Alumni Membership Request Form and follow the instructions. Processing usually takes up to 2 weeks from the time your form is received. You will be notified via email with your login credentials.
If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement:

Brooklyn: bklnalumni@liu.edu
Post: postalumni@liu.edu

How can I learn about career opportunities?
All LIU Alumni are eligible to search for career opportunities, career events, and resources online through LIU's online career portal, Handshake (handshake.liu.edu). Registration is required.

Please Note: To register for access to Handshake as an alumnus, you will need an alumni email first.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Employer Engagement:

Brooklyn: employerengagement@liu.edu or call 718-488-3311.
Post: employerengagement@liu.edu or call 516-299-4020

Please Note: To register for access to LIU Handshake as an alumnus, you will need an alumni e-mail first.

How can I get Wi-Fi access on campus?
All LIU Alumni are eligible to receive Wi-Fi access on campus.

Please fill out the LIUNET Guest login form under the Wi-Fi connection.