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1982 Mission Statement

from the 1982 Self-Study Report to Middle States

In keeping with its original democratic beginnings, the University offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and selected graduate educational services in urban Brooklyn (The Brooklyn Center), suburban Nassau (C.W. Post Center), and in the rural/coastal region of Suffolk (Southampton Center).   Each unique with its own configuration of faculty and students, the Centers of Long Island University reflect their geographic locations in their educational missions, goals and objectives.  At each of the Centers, however, one finds clusters of paraprofessional, preprofessional, and professional programs, with emphasis on both traditional and non-traditional students.  Although each component Center has its own aspirations and mission, general University goals prevail:

  1. To foster development of enlightened citizenship, intellectual awareness and social responsibility.
  2. To equip every student with the writing, oral, quantitative and computer skills needed to function as a productive member in our society.
  3. To provide a broad liberal arts undergraduate education which will serve as a base for the transmission of the world's cultural heritage and for intensive study in a specialized field.
  4. To provide preprofessional and professional programs for those with identifiable career interests.
  5. To provide program for students with a variety of needs and interests by offering a wide selection of formats and times, consistent with the academic standards and controls of the University.
  6. To be responsive to the cultural and educational needs of the community in which each Center is located by making available the physical and educational resources of that center.