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Fred Gaudelli ’82 Returns to Share Wisdom With LIU Post Students


University Center,

Since graduating from Post in 1982, Fred Gaudelli has won 20 Emmy Awards, produced five Super Bowls, and introduced such technological innovations such as digital first-down markers in football and live tracking for pitch speed in baseball.

It’s a storied career whose roots lie at WCWP, where Gaudelli served as play-by-play announcer for Pioneer football and basketball games while earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in communications.

“The station, really, for me, was the foundation from which I learned what the business was going to be like,” Gaudelli said during a recent visit to campus, where he shared his insights with the current generation of LIU Post students.

Gaudelli credited former station manager Bill Mozer with preparing him for the demands of the sports media industry by being just as demanding with students at WCWP.

“He treated us like we were employees, not students,” Gaudelli said, “so everything had to be earned. Nothing was given. He was strict, he was at times unreasonable, but he was exactly what I was going to face when I got to the real world. When I got there, I felt that I was really prepared, because I felt that I had worked in a real live environment.”

Gaudelli’s preparation enabled him to rise through the ranks at ESPN, and eventually make the move to NBC, working with such luminaries as Al Michaels, John Madden, and Cris Collinsworth along the way.

“He was able to get you to be better than you thought you could be,” Gaudelli said of Madden, “because he was going to challenge you.”

After 35 years of meeting challenges in the ultra-competitive world of sports media, Gaudelli impressed on today’s LIU Post students the importance of being prepared to meet that challenge. 

“Take it very seriously,” Gaudelli said during a WCWP interview. “Take it and approach it like it’s a job that you value, and a job that you want to keep for your entire four years here. Then, try to further your knowledge base every single day. Try to be creative. Try to display ingenuity. Try to make things better than you found them.”

Posted 06/05/2017

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