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For decades, the brightly painted rocks outside Hillwood Commons have borne the letters of LIU Post’s fraternities and sororities, a proud display of a Greek life on campus.

Today, that community is as strong and as vibrant as it has ever been.

Greek life at LIU Post is experiencing a remarkable renaissance, as membership in the campus’s 12 fraternities and sororities has more than quadrupled since 2014.

“With the large expansion that has happened since I’ve joined, we’ve become a real part of campus life,” said Nicholas Sieban, president of Phi Sigma Kappa and the vice president of membership development for the Interfraternity Council.

The increase in Greek affiliation on campus – making LIU Post home to one of the nation’s fastest-growing Greek communities – has been driven by a near six-fold increase in sorority affiliation, from 40 students in 2014 to 236 in 2016.

For Alyssa Hu, the president of Delta Zeta sorority and one of its founding members on the LIU Post campus, building a sorority from the ground up is a great source of pride.

“My freshman year,” Hu said, “Delta Zeta wasn’t even an option, and now to see how close the community is getting, is amazing. Since the Greek community is growing so quickly, everyone wants to have the best event, so it’s healthy competition.”

With the growth in Greek membership, the University has deployed additional resources to help make Greek life on campus as strong as it can be. With the start of the 2016-17 academic year, the South Residence Complex became home to LIU Post’s new Greek housing community. This new residence provides fraternity and sororities a chance to create their own neighborhood, enhancing their Greek life experience. The South Residence provides housing for on-campus members while also serving as a home-base for off-campus members.

“It made a huge difference,” Hu said. “It’s always that place you can go if you have a break between classes. When you didn’t have the suites, it wasn’t like this, because everyone was in their rooms. You know it’s the Delta Zeta suites, and you know you’ll be welcomed at all times.”

The dedicated Greek housing has also had a bonding effect on the system as a whole.

“Being so close to other Greeks,” Sieban said, “it’s developed relationships within the Greek community. It feels like we have some sort of overall closer Greek community because of those buildings.”

While the members of LIU Post’s Greek-letter organizations are enjoying the opportunity to live together and strengthen the bonds of friendship, there’s no place on campus for illicit activities. A strict no-tolerance hazing policy ensures that all students participating in Greek Life enjoy a rewarding, respectful, and transformative experience, and the campus is home to three Greek Life Honor Societies, including the prestigious Order of Omega.

“We have three RAs,” Seiban said of his house. “A lot of us work on campus, and we’re involved in a lot of other activities. If there’s something you do on campus, chances are someone involved in Greek life is there, and that’s where we’ve gone in the last couple of years.

As Greek life on the LIU Post campus continues to grow, the bonds among chapter members will only grow stronger.

“Delta Zeta gave me the opportunity to do different things,” Hu said, “and be part of an amazing organization.  It brought me friends that I’m going have for the rest of my life.”

Posted 02/08/2017

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