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Long Island University Students Lead in Salary Potential


Jennifer Solomon,

Brookville, NY (February 7, 2017)Long Island University was ranked 18th out of 578 private colleges nationwide in the "Overall Mobility Index," a new study ​by The Equality of Opportunity Project, conducted by scholars from Harvard, Stanford and Brown Universities.  The Index measures the likeliness that a student could see significant income growth, enhancing their chance at greater financial and career success.

“We prepare our students for success, and inspire them to reach higher and dream bigger,” said Dr. Kimberly R. Cline, President of LIU. “LIU’s high ranking on the Mobility Index demonstrates LIU’s ability to tap into each student’s full potential through innovative engaged learning, drawing on the power of the University’s network of 200,000 living alumni, including leaders in industries across the globe.”

The study’s report on LIU found that 33 percent of LIU’s students end up in the top 20 percent of earners, which is among the highest of private schools studied. It also found that 31 percent of LIU’s students moved up two or more income quintiles which was a better student outcome than most private schools studied and those schools studied in New York.

“Economic research strongly supports the positive effect of education on economic mobility,” said Panos Mourdoukoutas, Professor of Economics at LIU Post and frequent Forbes contributor. “That economic mobility often has ‘ripple effects,’ as the success graduate find in climbing the income ladder creates additional jobs and boosts economies.”

LIU was previously recognized by Forbes as one of 10 “’hot colleges in the making’ under innovative management” in the magazine’s 2016 “Investor’s Guide to College Admissions.” This followed high rankings for both LIU Post and LIU Brooklyn in the Brookings Institution’s 2015 study on “value added” by colleges and universities to student outcomes, with LIU Brooklyn among only 15 institutions across the country to earn a perfect score. 


About Long Island University (LIU)

LIU, founded in 1926, continues to redefine higher education, providing high quality academic instruction by world-class faculty. Recognized by Forbes for its emphasis on experiential learning and by the Brookings Institution for its “value added” to student outcomes, LIU offers 500 accredited programs, with a network of 200,000 alumni that includes industry leaders and entrepreneurs across the globe. LIU’s renowned faculty, the LIU Promise student mentoring program, innovation in engaged learning, further distinguish LIU as a leader among the nation’s most respected universities. Visit for more information.

Posted 02/07/2017

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