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LIU Global’s Kora Feder Brings Her International Education to the Met


University Center,

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s highly competitive internship program attracts students from the top educational institutions in the nation, from the nationally-renowned universities of the Ivy League to elite liberal arts colleges.

It’s safe to say, however, that no one has come to the Met better prepared than LIU Global senior Kora Feder.

When Feder works in the museum’s development office on the “Travel With the Met” program, which sends the museum’s renowned curators and educators around the world exposing travelers to humanity’s highest artistic achievements, she brings the perspective that comes with living and studying in eight countries over her four years in LIU Global’s unique Global Studies program.

“That’s definitely why they put me in that position,” Feder said, “because of my global experience. It’s nice to know more about the places that they’re talking about and to be able to contribute, with the perspective of having traveled.”

The opportunity to work at one of the world’s most renowned museums wasn’t something that Feder was expecting when she sought out internship opportunities for her LIU Global capstone experience, but she knew that she wanted to work in the arts upon her arrival in New York.

“I applied to the Met on a whim,” Feder said, “and didn’t think anything would come of it.”

Still, Feder’s pursuit of a career in the arts was anything but a whim or a random choice. In fact, it wasn’t much of a choice at all.

“I grew up in a family of folk musicians in California,” Feder said, “So I’ve been part of the arts world for my entire life without even choosing it. It’s been part of my childhood and my upbringing. It’s always been a part of my life.”

As she completes her studies at LIU with her internship and thesis – based on her experience using music education as a tool for empowerment in indigenous and migrant communities in Thailand – Feder is also using her time in New York to advance her career as a singer-songwriter.

“I want to have more jobs than music,” Feder said, “but if they can all be in the arts, that would be the dream.”

It’s a dream that her international education through LIU Global has put her in position to achieve.

Posted 02/03/2017

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