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LIU Brooklyn Student Life Gives Blackbirds a True New York Experience


University Center,

For generations, LIU Brooklyn has offered students a world of cultural and professional opportunities to complement world-class academics and a championship athletic tradition. Now, the University is using New York’s cultural abundance to create a vibrant, distinctive student experience.

The start of the 2016-17 academic year was marked by the launch of a series of new student life programs designed to bring the LIU Brooklyn campus community closer together and enrich the student experience across the campus. These programs draw on the resources of New York City and the surrounding area to strengthen bonds between students and help them get the most out of their lives in Brooklyn.

“We love to watch our students experience all that our campus and New York City have to offer,” said LIU Brooklyn Dean of Students Jessica Hayes. “We are just minutes away from some of the best theater, the most exciting sporting events, and the most delicious culinary experiences in the world. Keeping this in mind, we strive to build on the many opportunities we have around us in this amazing city.”

The City is Our Campus program forges a direct connection to New York City’s greatest attractions and cultural centers. Students can go to concerts at Madison Square Garden, games at the Barclays Center, Broadway shows, and tour museums and landmarks across the city at a discount.

“I love how we have the opportunity to go to different events and shows that we probably wouldn’t have the option to otherwise,” said Alexandra Olivier, a second-year student at LIU Pharmacy. “I typically make plans to go with friends, and then wind up seeing other people I know when we get there. It’s great to be together with everyone.”

LIU is also bringing one of the nation’s fastest-growing culinary institutions onto campus through the Food Truck Frenzy program. Each month, famous food trucks from around the city roll onto campus for two hours and offer delicious discounted snacks. Whether students avail themselves of the free food offered to the first 100 students or the discounted prices offered thereafter, students enjoy an opportunity to bond over treats that range from pizza to waffles to ice cream and beyond.

“We get to experience all kinds of food,” said Trudy Starr, a sophomore psychology major in Conolly College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, “and they bring it right on campus. Sometimes I’ll come from class and see everyone lined up, or I’ll just text my friends, ‘There’s a food truck, let’s go.’”

When students need to escape from the bustle of the city, the LIU Adventures program has the solution. LIU Adventures offers students the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, with skiing, snowboarding, kayaking and theme park trips available to students for free or at a steep discount.

“I love living in the city, but sometimes you need a break,” said student Ronson Cezile, a senior health science major in the School of Health Professions. “It’s great to go as a group, and meet new people outside of school.”

Whether it’s bringing students to some of New York’s most memorable locales, bringing a piece of New York closer to campus, or escaping the city altogether, LIU Brooklyn continues to move forward in its efforts to enrich the student experience.

Posted 02/03/2017

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