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Nominees for the George Polk Awards in journalism are proposed and selected by a national panel of advisers. The panel also considers entries that originate from publication offices, newsrooms or individual journalists. Should you wish to submit an entry for the 2013 George Polk Awards, please note the following guidelines:

All entries must be postmarked no later than Monday, January 6, 2014.

Categories vary somewhat from year to year, but it has been customary to give awards in foreign, national and local reporting (in print and broadcasting), business and environmental reporting and photojournalism. Electronic journalism, documentary films and books based on investigative reporting or dealing specifically with the field of journalism also may be considered for awards. From time to time, career awards are made for a body of work. Applicants need not designate specific categories for their submissions.

The criteria for awards include discernment of a significant news story, resourcefulness and courage in reporting, skill in relating the story and the impact of the coverage.

It is recommended that each entry include a cover letter. Print - submit two original clips (or clear photocopies) of news or feature stories. Photojournalism - submit two original clips. Radio - submit two audio recordings of segment/s along with script/s. Television - submit two video or digital recordings along with script/s. Web - submit two copies of printed text as well as URLs (DVDs may be included). Journalists do not have to be United States citizens and the media outlet does not have to be American, but all entries must be in English (no translations) and have appeared in the U.S. There are no entry fees or application forms. Entries will not be acknowledged or returned. Winners will be notified some time in February. Send entries to:

The George Polk Awards
Attn: Ralph Engelman
Journalism Department
LIU Brooklyn
1 University Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5372