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Michael Masaracchio

Associate Professor, Physical TherapyDirector of the Anatomy Lab

PhD – Physical Therapy- Nova Southeastern University, 2011DPT – Physical Therapy Creighton University, 2005BS/MS – Long Island University, 2001


Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy


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Castrillon T, Rothschild CE, Kolber MJ, Hanney W, Liu X, Masaracchio M. The effects of a standardized belly dance program on perceived pain, disability, and function in women with chronic low back pain. Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation. 2017;30:477-496.

Kolber MJ, Hanney WJ, Cheatham SW,  Salamh PA, Masaracchio M, Xinliang L. Shoulder joint and muscle characteristics among weight-training participants with and without impingement syndrome. Journal Strength Conditioning Research. 2017;31:1024-1032.

Hanney W, Masaracchio M, Liu X, Kolber M. The influence of physical therapy guideline adherence on healthcare utilization and costs among patients with low back pain. A systematic review of the literature. Plos One. 2016;11:1-18.

Lectures and Presentations

Hanney W, Kolber M, Stock M, Liu A, Masaracchio M. Characteristics of recreational weight trainers that utilize weight-lifting belts. Poster Presentation: National Strength and Conditioning Association, Las Vegas, NV, July 2017.

Liu X, Masaracchio M, Hanney W. Impact of timing of physical therapy on health care utilization and costs among patients with acute low back pain: evidence from NYS. Poster Presentation: International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, Washington, DC, May 2016.

Liu X, Hanney W, Masaracchio M, Kolber M. Utilization and payments for office-based physical rehabilitation services, among patients with commercial insurance in New York State. Poster Presentation: Combined Sections Meeting American Physical Therapy Association, San Diego, CA, February 2016

Masaracchio M, Comet S, Godwin E. Management of an anterior cruciate ligament tear in a 5 year-old. Poster Presentation: Combined Sections Meeting American Physical Therapy Association, Indianapolis IN, February 2015

Masaracchio M, Hagins M, Cleland J, MacDonald C. Short-term combined effects of thoracic spine manipulation with cervical mobilization in individuals with mechanical neck pain. Platform presentation: International Federation Orthopedic Manual Therapy Conference, Quebec City, Quebec, October 2012