A.A. in Humanities

The Humanities Division offers an interdisciplinary program leading to the A.A. in Humanities. This flexible program is intended to serve students who are already established in careers or whose professional goals and personal interests require an interdisciplinary course of study. Students are permitted into the program only with the approval of the coordinator of the Division and, subsequently, must be closely counseled by a faculty member in their department of concentration in order to develop a coherent and well-integrated program.

Graduation Requirements

Students must satisfy the Placement, Proficiency, Orientation and Core Curiculum criteria outlined in the Graduation Requirements section of this bulletin.

Core Curriculum requirements for this major are summarized below:
Core Seminar 3 credits
English Composition 3 credits
English Literature 6 credits
Philosophy 6 credits
Foreign Language 6 credits
Social Sciences
History 6 credits
Social Sciences (ANT, ECO, POL, PSY, SOC) 6 credits
Science and Mathematics
Mathematics 3 - 4 credits
Science (BIO, CHM, PHY) 10 credits
Communication, Visual & Performing Arts
Speech 3 credits
Visual & Performing Arts (ART, DNC, MUS, THE) 3 credits
Major Requirements - Electives
To be determined by proficiency requirements.
Credit and GPA Requirements
  • Minimum Total Credits: 60
  • Minimum Overall GPA: 2.0


Richard L. Conolly
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Scott Krawczyk, Dean