Health Sciences


Things To Know Prior To Applying

Students considering applying to the Medical Imaging Program should be aware of the following information:


Clinical Requirements

  • It is a requirement of clinical sites that all students must have a flu shot prior to October 1st in order to attend their clinical rotations
  • Clinical rotations require travel two, three or five days per week, depending upon a given semester. Students may be assigned to any clinical site for any given period of time.
  • Students are not permitted to request their clinical sites. Students are responsible for transportation to and from their assigned clinical location. On occasion, students may be required to travel from their clinical site to campus for meetings or events. 
  • All clinical sites are located within 30 miles of the LIU Brookville campus.


Approximate Additional Costs

Students in the radiologic technology program will be required to purchase textbooks and incur the following additional approximate expenses:

  • Medical Examination required prior to beginning clinical rotations includes specific blood testing that may be an additional cost.
  • *Lab Coats- $30.00 each, *Uniform Shirts- $28.00 each, *Uniform Pants- $20.00 each
  • *Radiographic Markers- Approximately $25.00 (2 sets),* Identification Badge-  $20.00
  • RDT 202-Summer Clinical between Spring I and Fall II   (Cost = 2 credits times the current tuition per credit).
  • Transportation and/or parking cost for clinical rotations (Dependent upon clinical site)
  • Health Insurance Policy

    (*Pricing may change due to Manufacture pricing)

Mammography Policy

All students, male or female will be given an opportunity to complete a mammography rotation. If requested, the program will make every effort to place a male in a mammography rotation, however the program cannot override clinical setting policies that only allow female students complete rotations. Placement for male students is not guaranteed and depends on availability of a clinical site that allows male students to participate.