LIU Global Introduces Europe Center

London, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Florence, Rome, and Morocco are among the major world economic and cultural centers where students will live and learn as part of the curriculum of LIU Global’s new Europe program.

Building upon a 50-year legacy of educating informed international citizens and professionals, LIU Global launched the Europe program in fall 2014 as an essential extension of the school’s mission to provide immersive education and experience for an increasingly globalized world.

“Global Studies is the study of world systems through cultural, political, and economic lenses,” Dean of LIU Global Jeffrey Belnap explained. The curriculum over the course of the four-year program is designed to help students understand the interrelatedness of different cultural and economic factors. The first year at the Costa Rica Center focuses on the impact of the globalized economy on local systems through internships and fieldwork with local communities and organizations in Central America.

Beginning in fall 2015, all LIU Global students will follow their first year at the Costa Rica Center with sophomore year in Europe. Director of the Europe program Dr. Carlos Lopez said that the curriculum is designed to help students understand the history of Europe as a global power, “but also the influence of the world on Europe in the modern economic and political context. It’s part of several drivers that are pushing the globalized system forward.”

During the fall term, students will be centered at the Franklin Institute at the University of Alcalá in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and university town where students will live and take classes with local students.

The fall program will also include excursions to other parts of Spain and intensive modules in major European cities including: London, Berlin, and Morocco. In the spring, students begin the semester in Paris, France, then spend three months in Florence, Italy, studying on the campus of Firenze Arti Visive School of Fine Arts. Students will visit ancient landmarks of one of civilization's earliest imperialistic empires and study master works of art in Rome. They will also have the unique experience of traveling to Sarajevo to study the Balkan conflict of the 1990s and explore interface of Europe and the Muslim world and ongoing issues of ethnic conflict and genocide within the modern European Union.

“Anyone who aspires to live abroad and think internationally needs to be literate about what’s happening in contemporary Europe,” said Belnap. “This is an incredible opportunity to prepare for careers in the global economy.”

By Rachel DeLetto, LIU Magazine Spring 2015