Browse Tech Stores Open

As a further extension of Long Island University’s commitment to providing students with unique, real-world learning opportunities, LIU recently opened the doors to Browse on the LIU Post and LIU Brooklyn campuses.

Browse at LIU Post is an authorized Apple products retailer and showcases MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina, Mac Mini, iMac, Apple TV, iPad Mini (all generations), iPad Air (all generations), Beats speakers and headphones, as well as charging cables, adapters, and accessories.

Browse at LIU Brooklyn showcases Microsoft Surface platform, Amazon Fire tablets, Dell tablets, notebooks, and desktop computers, in addition to gaming consoles and peripherals such as GoPro digital cameras, and Skullcandy headsets.

Both LIU Post and LIU Brooklyn locations of Browse serve as all-purpose technology centers showcasing new technology and all items are offered at discounted rates to LIU faculty, students, staff, and administrators with a valid LIU ID. 

In addition to the invaluable resource Browse offers for LIU and the surrounding communities, the stores also offer unique experiential learning opportunities. Students who work in Browse as store associates play an important role in the day-to-day operations and gain professional skills as they work alongside certified service help desk technicians. Students learn about retail, customer service, business management, entrepreneurship, small business operations, supply chain management, and e-commerce, as well as networking and technology troubleshooting, work experience that helps students build a professional résumé prior to graduation. Students will also offer helpdesk support to peers on campus.

“Having an authorized Apple Campus Store on campus provides an invaluable resource for LIU students,” said President Cline.

“We are living in a dynamic, digital world,” said George Baroudi, vice president for information technology and chief information officer of LIU. “Browse provides LIU students with a real-world technology environment where they will acquire technical and interactive skills that will serve them as they move on in chosen careers or graduate studies.”

Already the venture is proving fruitful. After just one term of work at Browse, multiple students were offered full-time employment at technology-centered companies including Apple and Blackberry.

Starting in fall 2015, members of the LIU community will have the opportunity to participate in a trade-in program to bring in old technology to receive store credit. Additionally, Browse will host a variety of technology-focused workshops and training events.

Browse at LIU Brooklyn
85 DeKalb Avenue

Browse at LIU Post
Hillwood Commons